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Every photo you see consists of scenery built in house. Our scenic design and build capacity is enormous. We specialize in last minute complicated builds in critical environments.


Our integrated philosophy and enormous capacity make for some amazing events. We maintain a huge inventory of lighting equipment on the vanguard of the technology. We also have the finest lighting design staff in the world- really.


We can build stages in any configuration imaginable, and probably already have it in stock. Circles, thrusts, rotating, raked, you name it, we have done it.


We have an enormous in house fabrication capacity. We work in every medium, building a dizzying array of peculiar things for our clients.


Large format event printing -from massive seamless backdrops to standing directional signage. We handle it all, every day.


We manage production logistics for our clients all over the world. Event Infrastructure, Sourcing, Shipping, Regulatory compliance, Insurance, Communications & Engineering – All handled everyday with great timing and customer focus.


From a lone carpenter traveling to parts unknown, to a crew of hundreds on split overnight calls–we have the depth and experience to supply the right crew, at the right time, anywhere on earth.


Our portfolio is a credit to the talent, vision and sensitivity of the design team. We respond quickly with drawings and ideas, and deliver plans and proposals in a timely & professional manner.

Production Management

We consider ourselves a silent partner in your success, working as a “back office” to the producer’s team. We can be counted on to be helpful, discreet and focused on the details, so you can keep the big picture in mind.